Welcome to Lightmetrica!

Welcome to Lightmetrica! Lightmetrica is a research-oriented renderer framework mainly focuses on helping renderer developments.

The framework is design to be easy for extension. The various techniques implemented in the framework are written as simple as possible to keep consistency between original formulation of the techniques. Although our focus is on the easiness of extending the framework, we can use the renderer as a stand-alone renderer. The scene configuration is intuitive and easy to read for humans, and designed to be possible to modify directly by hands. So we can use the framework for educational purpose.

We develop the framework with the support of Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH program) directed by the IPA (Information-Technology Promotion Agency), Japan.

The framework works on multi-platform environments (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), and the source of the framework is distributed on Github.

Key features:

The next step is to read the next Getting started section. Advanced users can directly refer to API documnetation generated from the latest sources, or directly read the source code.