Comparison Test

The images are rendered image with prototying system, each with naive path tracing with different render time. The comparison is done by pretty js code from HTML writer of SmallVCM.

It is known that the for some class of the rendering technique can compare the efficiency of rendering by directly comparing two images. In this gallery, we will show you the effectiveness of the selecting rendering technique.

Scene 1

This scene contains some objects with diffuse and specular materials illuminated with several area lights. Thank to relatively large area light source, even with the naive path tracing the rendered images are observed to be converged fast.

1min 5min 1h 5h

Scene 2

The second scene is an interior scene illuminated with light sources. The area lights is attached to the window shape, pretending the lights from the outside of the room. Due to the small area light source, the light traced from the camera often fails to reach to the light source. Such a scene is effectively rendered by the bidirectioinal techniques such as bidirectional path tracing.

1min 5min 1h 5h